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Pediatric Services

Family Medicine Specialists of Texas

Primary Care Physicians located in Katy, TX

Good health is a lifelong journey, and care with children’s unique needs in mind can help your child get off to the best possible start. Family Medicine Specialists of Texas is here to support your child’s physical and emotional development and to support you as a parent. They provide a full range of pediatric services, including immunizations and school physicals, at their office in Katy, Texas. To schedule an appointment for your child, call or click today.

Pediatric Services Q & A

What happens at my child’s checkup?

At a pediatric checkup, also known as a well-child visit, Family Medicine Specialists of Texas evaluates your child’s health according to age-appropriate markers and helps you to better understand your role as a parent at each developmental stage.

Your baby’s first visit to Family Medicine Specialists of Texas should happen two to three days after leaving the hospital, at the one-month mark, and again every few months until age 3. This will allow for close monitoring of your baby’s growth and development. Family Medicine Specialists of Texas also administer all scheduled immunizations.

Your child comes in for annual well-child visits, starting at age 3. If your child needs to undergo a physical for school, Family Medicine Specialists of Texas will fill out all required forms and make sure their vaccinations are up-to-date.

Family Medicine Specialists of Texas focuses not just on your child’s physical health, but also on their emotional, behavioral, and developmental health. They check to see that your child is reaching age-appropriate milestones and respects your child’s growing independence as they get older.

If you have any questions, whatever your child’s age, your child’s checkup is an opportunity to Family Medicine Specialists of Texas.

Why do I need to vaccinate my child?

Vaccines are a proven, safe, and effective method for preventing many serious and possibly fatal childhood diseases, including measles, mumps, and whooping cough. These diseases are far less common than they used to be, thanks to vaccines, but they still exist.

Making sure your child receives a full schedule of immunizations against these diseases is one of the most important steps you can take to keep them safe and healthy. Unfortunately, misinformation about vaccines still circulates. If you have any concerns about vaccines, Family Medicine Specialists of Texas is happy to address them.

When do I need to take my child to the doctor if they are sick?

You may have trouble deciding whether you need to take your sick child to see Family Medicine Specialists of Texas or can care for them at home. Most mild illnesses, like colds, improve without treatment from a doctor, and you can usually wait and see when your child has a sore throat or fever, rather than seeking treatment at the first sign of these symptoms.

If you aren’t sure what to do or your child’s condition doesn’t seem to improve, give Family Medicine Specialists of Texas a call. You’ll get a quick response and will tell you what to do or recommend bringing your child in for a sick child appointment. For your family’s convenience, Family Medicine Specialists of Texas offers same-day urgent care.

To schedule a pediatric services appointment at Family Medicine Specialists of Texas, call or use the online booking tool today.

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